Security Solutions for Schools in Kalamazoo,  MI

Protect Your School in Kalamazoo, MI

with Professionally Installed Video Security Technology

Add high definition video surveillance in Kalamazoo, MI to your school’s campus to increase safety and security

  • Improve overall safety for Kalamazoo, MI students and staff
  • Monitor entrances, exits, classrooms and outside areas
  • Monitor vehicles entering and exiting the campus in Kalamazoo, MI
  • Prevent liability and false claims

Our HD video surveillance technology in Kalamazoo, MI includes powerful features to protect schools

ALIBI® Megapixel Security Cameras

  • Produce high resolution HD video with excellent clarity
  • Compact, unobtrusive design is ideal for subtle surveillance
  • Mobile surveillance options enable you to monitor school transport vehicles

Security Video Recorders

  • Tamper proof and dust proof
  • Support from 2 to 32 video security cameras
  • H.265+ compression reduces bandwidth consumption and video storage requirements

Video Analytics

  • Region entrance/exiting, intrusion detection, line crossing, face detection
  • Defocus detection, scene change detection, tamper detection

Mobile App

  • Free app enables you to view live and recorded security video, with digital zoom
  • iOS and Android compatible
  • View up to 4 security cameras at once on your smartphone and up to 16 on your tablet

Centralized Management Software (CMS)

  • Manage multiple security cameras, at multiple locations, from a single interface
  • Smart search, calendar search, video tagging, instant replay, two-way audio and more

Access Control

  • Secure your perimeter, ensuring that only authorized staff and families may enter and pick up students

Professional Security System Design

  • Licensed installers
  • Your video security system is customized for your school’s needs
  • Security cameras are selected for resolution, focal distance, field of view, panorama and other features specific to your application
  • Local maintenance and ongoing support

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